Ships in the Fog Blog of Game Design?

Posted: May 11, 2010 by Guy Shalev in Uncategorized
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I know I haven’t blogged a lot recently (under-statement), and even less than I actually blogged in general had been posted here, as I decided to stop cross-posting from my other blogs here… I’ve been swamped with school, Chen, dealing with miniatures and such. I’ll elaborate on this more as time allows, but that time is certainly not now.

Anyway, I’ve moved my game design blog from LJ to WordPress, which I like better in handling, having no commercial, its appearance, how robust and easy to manage multiple blogs it is, etc.
The old blog was here, and the new blog (don’t expect a lot of content, please) is at which has all the old content and a new post.

The new post is what I also want to talk a bit about here. The new post is titled Design Thoughts – Cranium Rats, Competition, Story, Currency. If you think its format is a bit weird, well… it was written in a class about Wittgenstein for the most part, so one thing followed another and so it came to pass. This WordPress theme changed anything from say, 7.1.. to 7.A.b.c…

I wonder if I should’ve split it, both because it’s pretty long and to make reading it easier. Points 1-5 could be seen as "Logistics", of how to handle the game, Cranium Rats. Point 6 talks about the interaction between Story and Competition, which #7 does as well but in a different manner. #8 talks about Currency and is more closely tied to Cranium Rats. #5 also deals with Currency to a degree, but slightly more "didactic".

I feel though it’s hard to pin-point exactly, that this might also be of interest and slightly more broadly applicable than only to those who know Cranium Rats, or even those who are interested in competitive games who also have a story. I wonder how others feel.
I also can’t really think of how to let people know of this post*, so consider this post the place where I allow myself to do so, and more than that, a post where I point people to the new blog, where things will rarely happen, but every so often, they will.

I specifically think of the new post, that sections 6-7 might be of interest to people, here’s an example with 7.b.c-d:
c.In the joint realm (of story), competition can obviously revolve around story, over its direction, over controlling it, etc.
d.I find this option or at least its presentation as unfulfilling and insufficient, because every competition which occurs within a game of this sort will affect the story. Either directly, or by its control via currency which is exchanged between the players who will later use it in order to succeed within the game or to modify it on the player level directly. And so, even though it is an option, it could be said that every solution that will be given will already perform this, so there is no need to talk of it as a separate option at this stage.

Until the next time, where hopefully school will no longer bury me.

* I am also feeling the desire to feel appreciated, this what happens when you no longer blog regularly, because when you do, your regular readership “takes care” of it to a degree.


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