The Tale of The Eternal Couple and the Semi-Solipsist World

Posted: August 16, 2009 by Guy Shalev in Uncategorized
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Have you heard the tale of the Eternal Couple that had birthed this universe amidst the multiverse, the couple that had birthed that cluster of universe we call the multiverse, the couple that keeps being given birth to in this universe they gave birth to, and keeps giving birth to all that would be?

Before there was anything, there was nothing, as follows logically. And then, the Eternal Couple, and eternal they are for you cannot say there was anything before they came to be, and that is only the form of the tale, made each other and were in turn made.

The best way to think of it for the modern reader, which I assume you to be, would be to think of the Yin and Yang symbol. Each made the other, simultaneously, and as each made the other they were themselves made. If one did not make the other, then the other would not have been there to create the one, naturally.

The couple, after they had formed, had looked at each other, and gave birth to time, death, and the multiverse. Seeing the multiverse which was there, and which was theirs, having come from their metaphoric loins, they had decided that they would live within the world that they had birthed. Not wrought, birthed.

One was The Believer, and the other was The Disbeliever, or so they were to begin with. But then they had given birth to deities, and afterwards they had jumped into the world more fully, and were birthed by deities. Some of us like to think that whenever there was a new species, they were either its progenitors, or the first of its members. Perhaps they were both, giving birth to themselves like a reverse oroboros, not eating themselves, but continually giving birth to themselves, albeit changed.

Living amongst the beings, some whisper that they get frustrated when their coupling does not come to pass, in a lifetime when they are both re-incarnated in the flesh. Supposing not every lifetime is such a lifetime, or perhaps even if every life is such a lifetime.

So when they do not meet, a ticker is marked. Enough ticks, and the world on which they currently live, with all its life forms, including those local gods, is erased from existence.
Enough ticks, and a universe is gone from that limitless cluster.
Enough ticks, and the multiverse will be gone. Will the Eternal Couple disappear when the multiverse is? I do not know, I will not be there to observe it happen, probably.

But this is not all. There is The World, and The World is semi-olipsist, that is to say, it’s usually a solipsist, and sometimes not. Perhaps the reason it’s only a semi-solipsist is because it thinks of the Eternal Couple, and his relation to them, which is a bit self-defeating were it to be a true solipsist.

The World wonders, what will happen when it stops thinking of the Eternal Couple, what will happen if it truly holds them in mind and it’ll wake up, wake up from its dream of the Eternal Couple?

Will the couple disappear, or will it merely break up their fated meeting in this lifetime? Will The World itself continue to exist when it wakes up, is its existence not synonymous with its dream?

Or is it that when the Eternal Couple will not have their fated meeting, The World, The World that was created only so the Eternal Couple will have a place to have their meeting on, cease to be?

Who holds whom in mind, that I do not know, and neither does the Semi-Solipsist World that holds the Eternal Couple in mind.

But now, both you and I, we have heard the tale of the Eternal Couple, and of the Semi-Solipsist World who either holds or is held in mind.
And with that, dear reader, I bid you good night.


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