[Cranium Rats Modulated] Thinking of Trio-Stats.

Posted: July 6, 2009 by Guy Shalev in Uncategorized
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So I’ve been thinking of designing a modulated version of Cranium Rats while I put the competitive-story collision on the backburner. Heck, I’ve had it nearly full in my mind twice, and I let it fade away.

So now when I have some ideas/thoughts, I’d post them here, bit by bit, and maybe in the end I’ll even type it all up! Besides, most of these thoughts could probably be used elsewhere, not surprising as when I say "Modulated" I mean more like a framework into which various different games could be inserted, with guidelines. Halfway-generic, but the basic themes are the same.

Anyway, I’ve sat down and thought on how to have the players interact with them controlling one character together through way of Aspects, while it not being a true competition, and here are some preliminary thoughts:

  1. There’d be 15/16 points total. No player can have more than say, 8, and less than perhaps 2?
  2. Each player would have 10-X "Veto Calls", where X are their points.
  3. Likewise, each player would have 10-Y "Points", where Y are their Veto Calls.
  4. The Points I’m not decided yet, but I think they may be refreshed every scene. They are the source for dice the player is using in the scene, either to gain control of the character for their aspect, and/or for the character to succeed inside the scene/for their opposition to succeed.
  5. Veto calls I’m yet unsure on what they do exactly. Perhaps they can automatically wrest control/succeed/fail? Sounds too much. Maybe they give "Narration control", whereas you can go "No, but…" after someone fails, or "Yes, and.." after someone succeeds. Definitely will look at Polaris for more thoughts.
  6. I think Veto points need to be given by one player to the one affected by it. So if I have 8 VC, and 2 Points, and I veto someone with 5/5 (VC/P), we end up with me having 7/3 and he having 6/4, VC/P respectively. Need to think what to do with the "Umpire" in regards to these, and what if a player can’t be given any more VC points.

Definitely gives me some Capes thoughts as well.
"Trio-Stats" is because the three players playing a character together are a trio, and I’m thinking of their stats..


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