Idea for Fiction and Games. Gran Turino Random Thoughts.

Posted: March 20, 2009 by Guy Shalev in Uncategorized
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I’m beat, so posting this idea before I crawl to bed and forget it.

I was thinking of using this idea in order to write fiction, and maybe not even just ultra-short fiction but a real short story, but I don’t know if I’m up to it. I also thought of it in regards to RPGs later, but it might serve as a better way to showcase it.

You know how in ‘s RPG, Primitive, you play cavemen and as such, you also come up with the tribe’s lingo during the game, and are limited to monosyllables(more or less)? Well, how about a game/story where there are no words, no verbal or gesture-based language to discuss things amongst different characters?

Now, in a story, or even a game, it could be unclear whether there is no language, and you just show how it is without it, or that it is a limitation imposed, something that is true within the character. That ambiguity is easier to maintain in ultra-short fiction, like I’ve toyed with here(friends only link to a micro-fiction I’ve written, comment and ask for me to email it to you if you so desire).
The characters act, they can use body language, like setting a hand on someone’s shoulder, or weeping into their hands, but no sign language, or pantomiming.

In an RPG, you can either design it into a game or just impose this as a limitation upon players.

Watched Gran Turino, was good, liked it for reasons different than what I didn’t like about Watchmen. But if you read what I’ve said of Watchmen, one of the things I’ve liked was how much of an Eastwood vibe Rorschach gave off. Well, Eastwood’s character here sometimes almost growled, but rather than seem ridiculous, it didn’t, it also seemed somewhat self-ironic from a meta-movie point of view, of Eastwood, or of the character he played here.

Anyway, Eastwood’s character was named “Walter Kovalski” and Rorschach’s name is “Walter Kovacs”, heh.

Edit: I forgot, the reason I liked Gran Turino, even though it may not have had a “message”, is that it did something else that can make a movie good: It affected me emotionally. It was well crafted, and it hit you where it aimed to. And that’s enough.


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