Diablo 3!

Posted: June 28, 2008 by Guy Shalev in Uncategorized
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It looks totally cool. The art really resembles that of Warcraft 3, look at the Gnarled Walker‘s middle picture.

The game looks like a lot of fun. The surrounding environment that gets blown up (like in the Witch Doctor‘s Firebomb ability).

Action, swift action, cool enemies (watch the playthrough demo trailer), like this thing that breaks into a swarm of land-eels of sorts. It was a bit amusing to hear how you should have Ground Stomped to stun the shield-skeletons, so you could get past their shields, when the Whirlwind cut through them with ease.

The final boss-monster was cool, in a novel way: one of the characters kept running around it, and it kept turning around, trying to get its aim locked on it, heh.
The Locust Swarm is totally cool.

Oh, the Barbarian seems to be the same Barbarian from Diablo 2, twenty years older. In the gameplay, when he rescues Deckard Cain, they seem to recognize one another.

  1. he_who_hunts says:

    This could be the game that yoinks me back to computer gaming…

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