We Who Are About to Die Salute You

Posted: March 7, 2008 by Guy Shalev in Uncategorized

This is the funniest thing written in honour of Gary Gygax’s death, and I say it with love:

  1. greyorm says:

    Gary didn’t tell him you can’t lose at D&D, did he?

    • Guy says:

      You’re thinking of the wrong game, and the strip hints at it.
      This is Adversarial D&D, Like KoDT, GM versus player, and so long as his party survives, Gary is in the game.

      • greyorm says:

        I have never heard of adversarial D&D as a seperate game from D&D, though I’ve always thought that would be a fun way to play it (if the GM couldn’t simply fiat you to death).

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