Cranium Rats Chassis to be Made Available under Creative Commons.

Posted: October 24, 2007 by Guy Shalev in Business, Chassis, Cranium Rats
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I’ve talked recently about what I’m going to do with Cranium Rats.

I am going to create the Cranium Rats Chassis which will be character generation, Aspect generation, the interaction between Aspects and Resolution. I will put that content under Creative Commons, allowing other people to meddle with the game and make it explore areas of their choice.

I will give examples of Aspects triads to be chosen, and will further give rules for regaining resources for at least one Set of Aspects. This won’t be under Creative Commons.
What comprises the Aspects (Male, Female, Genderless; Water, Dirt, Rat; etc), and what generates resources (and will thus get further exploration during play) will be left for designers to design, and will give the game played its mood and themes. This content will be owned by the person(s) who will create it. I am day-dreaming of it being not unlike the Sorcerer mini-supplement situation.

Your feedback will be most appreciated.


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