A Feast for Crows

Posted: August 13, 2007 by Brian in Uncategorized

The weakest book thus far. The Cersei chapters are a bit dull, and she is singularly annoying, apart from the last, none of them is exciting.

He chose to split the south from the north, I don’t like it, it will skew with our time perception, and this could have served to weaken the Cersei stench in this book.

There are two comparisons made in the book, one between sisters in the title names, Arya who holds to her name and Sansa/Alayne who didn’t, this is good.
And between Cersei and Robert, having sex and then saying it didn’t happen, which was a bit ham-handed.

  1. chgriffen says:

    The weakest book thus far.
    And by far. It was quite a disappointment, because I read the other three several times each, but have no desire to re-read AFFC.

  2. dolgee says:

    I knew what to expect, so I wasn’t surprised at the fact that most of the story was about characters not really in the middle of the storyline, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. Maybe because I simply like Mr. Martin’s writing style.

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