Thoughts about Constrained Roleplaying?

Posted: August 3, 2007 by Guy Shalev in Musings

This is true for Juiced Rider, and some other imagined/planned projects. I am toying with the idea that you don’t get to role-play all the time, however and whenever you like, and that system comes to the fore when you disagree with someone or want to get something which you might not get and it has an impact on the story.

I want it to be a game, and in a game, all activities you may do are part of the scripted options. In D&D, both 0ed and 3ed, there is no description of role-playing, and the know-how of the activity is actually transmitted by players.
In my “RPGs” (sometimes “Story-Games”), you can only Role-play when it is said that you are free to. There are specific scenes/bits of the action where it is said you may role-play.

How do you feel about that?

  1. Guy says:

    This is the thread on Story-Games.

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