[JRMM] Making Zero Mind Count.

Posted: July 21, 2007 by Guy Shalev in Juiced Rider

The rules as they stand state a couple of things:
While on missions, Zero Mind must be higher than Temporary Self.
When Temporary Self goes to 0, reduce (permanent) Self by 1.

As the rules stand, there’s no reason not to have Temporary Self at 1 and put all the beads into Zero Mind, which translate into Control (effectiveness in combat).

There are two options I’m thinking of:
1. For every bead you move from Self to Mind Zero, you roll a die after the mission, and on a roll of 1 you lose 1 point of Self. This seems a little steep to me and would turn the game into something more fatalistic than grim.
Possibly solution, lose 1 Self for every two dice which end up with 1, but then moving 1 dice is absolutely risk free.
2. For every bead you move, you roll a die after the mission, If you rolled one 1, switch a memory with the memory pool, if you rolled two 1’s, delete a Morality trait and write a new one. If you rolled 3 1s or above, do both and lose 1 Self.

Hm, maybe take the second but alter it, no dice rolling. You know what you’re going to risk, what you’re going to give up in order to be in the mission, and afterwards you pay the price, not the risk.

Thoughts, ideas?


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