Rincewind in the world of Exalted.

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Promised this a while back, I guess in a way it can be seen as “Fan-fiction” 😉 Originally posted on RPG.Net under my Thunder_God login. If I mess some tags it’s because my tag-fu is weak. Notice the alliterations in the powers of The Luggage. All edits are from the original material.

Disclaimeir: This is a Rincewind themed character but it is not Rincewind per se, read the end for modifications and reasonings behind some of the calls.

Name:Rincewind(It does fit Exalted ;))
Caste: Chosen of Journeys
Concept: Wyld Cartographer.
Nature: Survivor.(No shit ;))
Anima: Lesser Sign of Mercury


Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 4, Stamina 3, Charisma 2, Manipulation 3, Appearance 2, Perception 4, Intelligence 3, Wits 4.

Abilities:(I mark Caste with ~ and Auspicious(Favoured) with *) Athletics 2, *Awareness 3, Bureaucracy 2, *Dodge 4, ~Endurance 3, Larceny 2, Linguistics 3, *Lore 3, Martial Arts 2, *Occult 4, ~Ride 3, ~Sail 1, Socialize 2, Stealth 2, ~Survival 4, ~Thrown 3.

Languages: Native:Riverspeak, Old Realm, Low Realm, Forest Tongue(Can manage with High Realm to a degree due to his Linguistics/Intelligence and knowledge of the somewhat similar Old/Low Realm).

Charms:(Awareness): Prior Warning, Expected Pain, Supernal Awareness, (Dodge): Absence, Duck Fate, Avoidance Kata, (Endurance): Unswerving Juggernaut Principle, Forward-Thinking Technique, (Lore): Avoiding the Truth Technique, (Survival): Becoming the Wilderness, (Thrown): Pain Amplification Stratagem, Willful Weapon Method(The Charm selection is diverse enough to let you build upon it, the character is geared to noticing danger and then escaping it, with another trick or two in his sleeve).

Colleges: The Gull 2, The Ship’s Wheel 3, The Guardian 2.

Virtues: Compassion 2, Conviction 3, Temperance 3, Valor 1(Note about Temperance: he knows he shouldn’t get into these situations, but Fate decides otherwise).

Willpower: 6.

Essence: 3.

Backgrounds: Allies 3(The Luggage), Artifact 3(The Luggage), Acquaintances 3(Favourite Taverns’ owners+People he meets at the road(Changes, non-canonical)), Connections: 1(Guild), 1(Heptagram), 1(Outlaws), 2(Adventurers, of the none outlaw variety), Salary 1(Independent).

Equipment: 10 throwing knives, food rations, black eyebags, bedroll, dirty clothes, Dented Breastplate(Because this is Exalted).

Background: Rincewind was conceived on the last day of the Calibration, he was Exalted on its first. The Sidereals who were supposed to watch over Rincewind as he grew up? They had better things to do, heads rolled, Rincewind’s head lolled. His parents both poor Rincewind was sent to the streets, he got adopted by beggars, later by traveling shamans and onward he moved in Nexus’s bustling streets, acquiring knowledge about how life really goes and a mish-mash of the occult.

Once he was taken to Yu-Shan for training he took to the Occult like a flying fish takes to the air; head first and without thought. Rincewind’s antics had quickly annoyed his tutors who could not believe that this, this… Ruffian was indeed a member of the August Beauro of Destiny. Rincewind’s rancid behaviour and botched letters to the Pattern Spiders had quickly made the normally silent Spiders to express their displeasure with this one Sidereal whose string was involved in so many of the High-Essence knots, this was before he was released.

After a year they had to release him, his knowledge of the occult and the first age rivaled that of those much older than he, but his knowledge of Astrology, his behaviour and his hygene left much to be desired. When Mercury, the Maiden of Journeys, was asked about Rincewind it was her sister, Jupiter, the Maiden of Secrets, who smiled. Lytek would not reply at all regarding the matter, but several trustworthy Celestial Lions swore that he mumbled something about the accursed Calibration.

Rincewind set out to the world with much glee and with equal fear for his life, armed with his wit and accompanied by The Luggage. His goal is a lofty one indeed, to cartograph that which cannot be cartographed, to give form to the unformable. To traverse the Wyld and behold its many wonders, and to turn it into Creation. Losing its wonder, but only after having witnessed it. If anyone can do it, that is our lad Rincewind.

It is unknown what propels the cowardly Sidereal to explore these dangerous grounds, to drink with murderers at Nexus, to travel with Eos and Ossissa, to attend and escape dinner with the Fae Nobles, but the unquestionable fact is that he does do these things, to the chagrin of all those who meet him and indeed, himself.

Those who watch the Loom of Fate notice that wherever Rincewind goes manifestations of High Essence, paradoxes and other unknown phenomena spring like repenters after The Luggage travels through a town. And yet, these disturbances quiet after Rincewind departs, leaving the place more rooted in Reality and orderly than it was before.

Image: His clothes are all muddied, his boots and armour are worn and in some places torn. He looks like a chased man, with black bags under his eyes, eyes which dart everywhere when he’s not in a bar drinking. When he is drinking, he knows where the next punch will get thrown from and ducks without noticing, like all practiced tavern-goers.

Name:The Luggage.
Attributes:Strength Irrelevant(8)*, Dexterity 4, Stamina Irrelevant, Charisma 3(When it feels like it), Manipulation 5(Only for purposes of Intimidation), Appearance 1, Perception 3, Intelligence Good Question, Sentience Sure, Wits 4.
* The number in parenthesis is used when calculating for Damage.

Virtues:Compassion 2, Conviction 5*, Temperance 2, Valor 6*
* Cannot fail Valor or Conviction checks.

Abilities:Awareness 3, Brawl 6(Clich +3), Investigation 1, Presence 1(Intimidation +6), Socialize 1(Making people (try to) go AWAY +10).

Supernatural Powers:Bleached Wood Battering, Death of the Behemoth, Elsewhere Access, Flashing Flesh Feet, Impenetrable Pearwood Defense, Loyalty of The Luggage, Mahogany Magical Immunity, Trembling Under the Timber Gaze.

Base Initiative:8
Ram(Charge): Speed 14 Accuracy 16 Damage 10B + Knockback + Knockdown, Defense 0(Will never opt to parry).
Lid Clone(Only on knocked down or clinched targets): Speed irrelevant(both act at same time) Accuracy irrelevant(target breaks free or is subject to effects) Damage Suffocation + Sucked into Elsewhere, the weaker and smaller it is, the faster, Defense 0(Will never opt to parry).
Dodge Pool: 0(It will never opt to Dodge) Soak: Insurmountable.
Willpower: 10(It does what it wants.) Health levels: Irrelevant.
Essence: 7.
Other Notes: To those that didn’t figure it out yet, The Luggage is a plot device, it does what will benefit the story and will not use its numerous abilities when it will hinder or will not aid the story. The Storyteller should be careful not to make The Luggage into a Deus Ex Mechina, repeatedly.

Supernatural Powers:
Bleached Wood Battering:The Luggage’s composition and attitude do not permit anything that stands in its path to stay there long, and when these things do not move voluntarily they are helped. Multiply all damage done by The Luggage against inanimate objects by four.

Death of the Behemoth:As a Behemoth The Luggage clings to its life with wild tenacity. Until the condition that when met, The Luggage will reach its end, nothing can harm The Luggage in any meaningful manner, not physically. No one who knows this condition had stepped forward and admitted to possessing this knowledge and it can be the base for many an adventure.

Elsewhere Access:Anything put in The Luggage is transported to elsewhere and will only get out when and if The Luggage wills it. The Luggage can present whichever of its contents that it wishes. Those that The Luggage clinches can be swallowed into its depths and into Elsewhere, this takes one turn for human sized entities and takes progressively bigger the bigger the target is. The upper Limit is a 10 ft. tall/long creature. The Luggage is known to house clean laundry and much gold in its deposits.

Flashing Flesh Feet:Nicknamed “Stampede” by those that had witnessed it(from a safe position), The Luggage moves up to twice the speed of a Warhorse and with the same level of energy. Although it is usually content to walk at the pace of Rincewind. Those caught in the path of The Luggage when it is running have two options: Roll Dexterity+Dodge/Athletics at a Difficulty of 5 or get knocked back, knocked down and will suffer half The Luggage’s relevant Strength(4) in dice of bashing damage.

Impenetrable Pearwood Defense:The Luggage is made of materials that may have been the precursors for the Five Magical Materials, or it may just be its nature manifesting into the world. The Luggage has the equivalent of the Solar Charms Immunity to Everything Technique and Adamant Skin Technique active(pages 179 and 177 respectively, The Luggage does not pay in health levels for Adamant Skin Technique) and always succeeds in all Resistance and Endurance checks.

Loyalty of The Luggage:The Luggage can designate itself its own owner, or someone that it’ll follow(as is the peculiar case of Rincewind). The Luggage will follow its owner everywhere, into the gaping maw of a Greater Elemental Dragon, across Cecelyne and will even coerce a regional god to open it a portal to Yu-Shan if it ends on one side and its owner on the other. The word everywhere is absolute. Woe to those who stand between The Luggage and its designated owner.

Mahogany Magical Immunity:Due to its composition The Luggage resists magic like ducks resist water. Any Charm or Spell whose minimum Essence prerequisite is not higher than The Luggage’s will not affect it. This does include all Spells.

Trembling Under the Timber Gaze:Anyone and anything not in good standing with The Luggage and that it considers beneath it will know fear when The Luggage gives it its look. Even mindless undead and automata will know that their existence is in peril and will roll normally. Entities that are exempt from this are: Primordials, Celestial Incarna and The Terrestial Dragons, other Behemoths and its current owner.

Background: No lesser being knows the true origin of The Luggage. Some think that it is where the Primordials kept the playing pieces of The Games of Divinity, some think they created it as a roaming disciplinary amongst their other creations. The Primordials to be thought to be responsible for the creation of The Luggage are Gaia and Autochthon, which explains its wierd dual nature and its composition.

The Luggage was found by Rincewind several years back, when he was sent to find a map from the storage facilities of the Golden Barque of Heavens, stumbling in the dusty room Rincewind tripped over The Luggage, which opened its metaphorical eyes and claimed Rincewind as its own.

The appearance of The Luggage did not go unnoticed, many an elder Sidereal who remembered what happened when a foolish Solar during the Solar Deliberative tried to check what made The Luggage tick grimaced. The Celestial Lions are secretly relieved every time Rincewind and his fiendish ambulatory luggage depart from Yu-Shan, they will never admit to it but they are not sure they’ll agree to face The Luggage if it’ll be asked of them. Gaia treats The Luggage as a pet, The Luggage treats Gaia fondly as well.

The Luggage can give someone the feel that it’s looking at him, and it generally has a toothy feel to it that look does. The Luggage does not really seem to have Rincewind as its owner, it sometimes seems The Luggage owns Rincewind instead. If asked to do something it does not wish to do, then it will not do it. If at any later date The Luggage will do that thing, it has absolutely nothing to do with the request – it felt like it. Sure

Safety of passerbys, the feelings of others, The Luggage has three things in mind: Rincewind’s safety, its own “feelings” and what to do to those who interfere with its other two cares. The Luggage does know what to do to these entities, it can be described as anything from permanent to strange but is always quite horrifying. It is thought that The Luggage was the inspiration for drill sergeants and mules everywhere.

Following Rincewind can be done in two ways; Looking at the Loom of Fate and watching the amount of knots mount or looking for the cries of anguish and the debris left in the wake of the force of nature known simple as: The Luggage.

Image:A Luggage made of strange wood with hundreds of feet underneath it. The Luggage can open its lid to reveal anything from clothes to money to bleached wood teeth and a mahogany red tongue. It has a pulpable aura of menace around it that makes those who laugh at Rincewind think twice before messing with his.. bodyguard.

Notes:The Luggage is a plot tool. It can save the day any number of times, it can defeat all of the players’ opponents for him, but that will turn the game into “Watch The Luggage” which is not its goal. The Luggage and Rincewind are always more trouble than they’re worth and The Luggage usually barely saves Rincewind in the nick of time and can’t be moved to do much more than be his mobile luggage until he’s about to die. The Luggage usually gives the air of threat but does not act on it, letting it swallow an extra to put the proper air in motion is helpful, but letting it the Dusk Abyssal will probably ruin the mood. Use The Luggage with care, unless the PCs will go out of their way to mess with it then all of its powers won’t really come into effect. If for some reason the Storyteller decides the PCs need to learn a lesson, The Luggage will be an extremely good teacher.

“Lid Close”, not “Clone” , The Luggage’s Conviction and Valor should also not be possible to lower through magical means. There’s another typo I noticed earlier and escaped once more.

The issue of having such a strong entity in your Campaign can completely derail it, especially once the players find out they’re unlikely to be able to harm it, ever. So here is a how to weaken The Luggage:

Nature: Bravo. Essence Pool: 130. Strength 8, Stamina 14, Soak: 27L/34B(Impenetrable Pearwood 20L/20B, The Luggage ignores attacks doing less than 9L/16B). Ignore Death of the Behemoth(Which personally I felt lacking in CotW after reading the Behemoth entry in the Core book). Impenetrable Pearwood Defense costs 7 Motes and 1 Willpower for Adamant Skin Technique and is still free for Immunity to Everything Technique, The Luggage is immune to all diseases, magical or otherwise. Mahogany Magical Immunity renders The Luggage immune to Charms or Sorcery by characters whose Essence is 7 or higher and not Charms whose prerequisites are, Necromancy requires the character to have Essence 8 or higher due to its lack of connection to what The Luggage is connected to and representing. Trembling Under the Timber Gaze becomes thematic and does not require a roll from those it affects.

All of the changes are optional, you can mix and match however you wish.

Rincewind and The Octavio:
As a reward for not breaking anything for the day Rincewind was sent to the Jade Pleasure Dome to send a note from his superiors to one of the higher ups and return its reply, personally. Wide eyed Rincewind entered the Jade Pleasure Dome and tripped, landing himself in Gaia’s lap as she was leaning to kiss Luna, the Essence of Gaia’s love was transferred into the crude body of the Exalted. And what embodies Gaia’s love better than her child that guards her creation and other children? An egg exists in Rincewind’s soul, an egg that when it’ll hatch a Terrestial Dragon of Earth will spring from, complete with an Elemental Pole of Earth. Would such an Elemental Pole come with its own Creation, will both Poles fight with one another till there’ll be only one left and space will distort in case the new one wins? All are good questions, good to think about, so long you don’t think about the possibility that they may actually happen… then the horror strikes. The egg renders Rincewind immune to the emanations of the Wyld as it is of Earth and Creation. The Pattern Spiders are suspected to weave destiny so that Rincewind will not perish, not just yet, releasing the egg into the unsuspecting world.

Edit: Meh, screwy memory, I blame the dust that results from ~700 books being moved about. Rincewind’s thread in the Loom is an integral part of Creation, a portion of Gaia is inside him. As such, Rincewind’s thread resists being moved by external forces such as fellow Sidereals, and Rincewind himself. The Spiders would not answer to why Rincewind’s thread is moved and is involved in as many messes as it is, but they will get annoyed if you tried to move it(add one Paradox die and lose 1 success from all Astrology rolls to affect Rincewind, including Resplendant Destinies).


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